Civil Solidarity Forum: Message from Asif Khan (Assistant Coordinator of international relations)

This year in 2021 Cojep international is seeking to organise the Civil Solidarity Forum. Civil Solidarity Forum is a high-level multi-stakeholder participatory forum, to be hosted by each region of Cojep, which would provide a platform for effective dialogues among civil societies, diplomats, national and international NGOs, academics, politicians, development think-tanks, development practitioners, leaders from business and industry and eminent figures from different sectors.

This forum is going to be held at a time when the entire world is grappled by the COVID upheaval. The forum will create opportunity for building the partnership among the nations for identified implementation challenges and policy or resource gaps to establish justice, freedom of speech, human rights and an equitable society for all. It could also help to address the discrimination emerged from the recent pandemic. Each coordinator will organise the forum for their respective regions and since the time is very short, the coordinators should commence their preparations as early as possible.

I believe this civil solidarity forum will bridge the gap of challenges of humanity and create a international platform for addressing global unity, peace and equity. I wish all the regions of Cojep International for successful accomplishments of the forums.

Thank you.

Asif Khan
Assistant Coordinator Cojep International.


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