Ali GEDIKOGLU was born in 1965 in Antalya, Turkey.

He moved to France in 1983. Ali GEDIKOGLU was actively involved in community life in 1985. He was chosen to hold important positions in leading regional associations. Ali GEDIKOGLU was very inspired by the functioning of migrant associations of various backgrounds who were supported by public funding for their social and cultural activities while being present on many platforms.

Therefore, it was clear that it was necessary to leave the traditional functioning and to maintain good relations with the French authorities. It was at the initiative of the creation of the association « Young Turks » in Belfort (this terminology is in no way related to the negative experience of the movement of the same name that was raging at the dawn of the Creation of the Turkish Republic). This association has collected a certain number of good sports results, which was at the origin of the creation of a federation of associations of the same type. This federation took the name of COJEP (Council of Youth Multicultural) France in 1993. From this date, one of the main activities of COJEP France was the organization of colonies and holiday stays. This activity, which was continued until 2002, saw the passing of thousands of young people in the network.

In 1998, Ali GEDIKOGLU definitively broke the links with its functioning within the traditional community organizations and opted for the total independence of the Cojépien movement. He decided to be the driving force behind the transformation of the COJEP. COJEP France, which until then had been withdrawn into itself, would be transformed into a transparent, open-ended operation, totally freed from political or community movements, while being able to trace its own path. Gedikoğlu understood that people from Turkey chose to settle permanently and permanently in France. He shared this with his entourage, adding that COJEP should play a major role in this new situation. From now on, this idea, which found an important echo, offered new horizons for the Cojépien movement. Democratic Participation and its corollaries, which limited effective participation, equal rights, the fight against Discrimination and Citizenship, became the priority of COJEP. In 2003, Ali GEDIKOGLU worked for the creation of COJEP International. In 2005, he bequeathed these responsibilities at national level to the Regional Coordinations which had just been created. The active members for 25 years, who have been present in all stages of the evolution of the movement form today the Presidency Council.