Development and Implementation of Social – Science Training Programme for Young Refugees

The migrant crisis is a major challenge in many aspects.

Six million Syrian refugees managed to escape. Among the few countries that welcomed refugees, Turkey provided shelter for four million refugees. The situation in Turkey is a unique one, it has a suitable environment and has worked hard to provide refugees a decent life. The government has put in place protection, health care, education, special services and other services for refugees.

Turkey defends a part of integration and freedom. It develops arrangements to create better conditions for this audience.

From the perspective of education, there are two approaches to meet young refugees: placing them in special institutions or integrating them into education systems. Turkey does both, there are special schools, but also special arrangements for them to integrate public schools, universities.

COJEP International organized the « Development and Implementation of Social Science Training Program for Young Refugees » panel to set up a project in order to meet the needs of this population.

Nevertheless, there are still political problems that need to be resolved. That is why this project, which is supported by the Turkish agency, seeks to find an alternative to solve the refugee problem.

This conference held in the Council of Europe was therefore an opportunity to plan projects in collaboration with many partners to enable young refugees to integrate sustainably in their host country through the science education.


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