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The Diplomatic COJEP No5 – April 2021

Hello World! You can find our finfth number of Cojep Diplomtatic Newletter. Download The COJEP Diplomatic COJEP 5 (EN)    

The Diplomatic COJEP No4 – Feb 2021

Hello World! You can find our fourth number of Cojep Diplomtatic Newletter with the theme of the fight against Covid-19 Pandemic, observations, results and what future awaits us with the effects due to this crisis.   Download The COJEP Diplomatic 4

The Diplomatic COJEP No2 – Dec 2020

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The Diplomatic Cojep dergisi No2 (Ara. 2020)

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COJEP Diplomatique No2 – Déc. 2020

Bulletin No2 – Le COJEP Diplomatique

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The Diplomatic COJEP No1 – Nov. 20

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COJEP Diplomatique No1 – Nov. 2020

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