Posts in International Organizations

Transversal working group « Poverty: inequalities and enjoyment of rights ».

As every year, COJEP International took an active part in the working groups organized at the Council[…]

COJEP carried Qatar crisis to UN Human Rights Council

  Cojep International urged the UN Human Rights General Assembly to urgently end the Qatar crisis and[…]

The Conference on Radicalization Effects of Racist and Discriminatory Policies in Europe was held.

The Cojep International think-tank held a conference on Monday (April 24th) at the Council of Europe, entitled[…]

Youth Forum

The Council of Europe held on 3-5 November 2014; An international forum has been held on the[…]

COJEP Moves Islamophobia to the Council of Europe

COJEP carried Islamophobia to the Council of Europe on 26 June 2015. It was stated that the[…]