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Adalet, Eşitlik ve Barış Konseyi

Empowerment of Youth Women Labor through Non-Formal Learning

This year Cojep is carrying out an erasmus project called « Empowerment of Youth Women Labor through Non-Formal Learning » in partnership and under the direction of the Hak-Is trade union confederation in Turkey. In Europe, youth unemployment rates are generally much higher, even double or more than double, than unemployment rates for all ages. Eurostats estimates…

The year of Asia – 2020 program

COJEP international, with headquarters in Strasbourg and offices in 14 European countries, is a non-governmental organization.

« Take action for multiculturalism ! » Campaign – 2020 Asia Year

To draw attention to injustices in the world and in international organizations Cojep launched the project « Takeaction for multiculturalism ! Do something for a just world!». The project plans a campaign, which will last for 3 years, was started in 2019 with the theme of « Africa year ».