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3rd International Congress on Urban Studies.

COJEP International participates in the organization of the 3rd International Congress on Urban Studies. This congress will take place from 26 to 28 October 2018 at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and aims to take in hand the questions around urbanism. This is a real opportunity for our students to discuss and share their…

Meeting of the Human Rights Commission

At the INGO Conference, COJEP International participated in the meeting of the Human Rights Commission. This meeting was rich and allowed to discuss important topics such as social rights, freedom of expression, migration, people with disabilities and many other topics. Various working groups set up during this session by the Human Rights Commission were also…

Democracy, Social Cohesion and Global issues Commission meeting

At the conference of INGOs, the Democracy, Social Cohesion and Global Issues Commission organized a meeting on Tuesday, June 26, from 2.30 pm to 6 pm at the Agora. At this meeting, the topics dealt with by this committee were briefly recalled before starting the session on participatory democracy and women’s participation in political and…

Working group « Protection and Human Dignity »

On June 28, 2018, COJEP International participated in the working group « Protection and Human Dignity » at the Conference of INGOs. This working session was organized by Thierry Mathieu, Chair of the Democracy, Social Cohesion and Global Issues Committee. This working group focused on vulnerable people who often find themselves without protection and are victims of…

Development and Implementation of Social – Science Training Programme for Young Refugees

The migrant crisis is a major challenge in many aspects. Six million Syrian refugees managed to escape. Among the few countries that welcomed refugees, Turkey provided shelter for four million refugees. The situation in Turkey is a unique one, it has a suitable environment and has worked hard to provide refugees a decent life. The…

Working group « Lifelong learning »

On Monday 25 June 2018, COJEP International took part in the « Lifelong Learning » working group presented to the Council of Europe. The aim of this working group is to ensure quality education for all, regardless of age, while taking care not to exclude certain categories of society from education and access to education . Since…

Transversal working group « Poverty: inequalities and enjoyment of rights ».

As every year, COJEP International took an active part in the working groups organized at the Council of Europe during the week of the INGO Conferences. From Monday, June 25, we discussed a major issue today: poverty in Europe Poverty is one of the most complex problems of our time because it is not just…

The Conference on Radicalization Effects of Racist and Discriminatory Policies in Europe was held.

The Cojep International think-tank held a conference on Monday (April 24th) at the Council of Europe, entitled « The Effects of Radicalization of Racist and Discriminatory Politics in Europe. » Serap Yasar, Samir Amghar and Wajdi Limam participated in the conference, which was held under the moderation of Shaban Keeper, as speakers.

COJEP Moves Islamophobia to the Council of Europe

COJEP carried Islamophobia to the Council of Europe on 26 June 2015. It was stated that the better definition of the concept of Islamophobia would raise the level of sensitivity in society. The conference discussed the issue of Islamophobia being recognized in Europe at the same level as antisemitism in the legal and social context…